2017 + Isuzu with ScanGauge2

More and more customers are coming to us with the questions whether the ScanGauge2 works fine with their new Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X. The ScanGauge2 works well with new Isuzus (2017 and newer). The only 2 gauges that are not … Continue Reading

NEWS: X-Gauge commands for transmisson temperature on Nissan AU

Announcement: Great news! Transmission temepraure X-Gauge commands for AU Nissans up for grabs. Confirmed to be working on 2017 Nissan Navara. *ScanGauge2 firmware version 4.42AU or newer required     You can find the new Nissan X-Gauge codes HERE.

NEWS: X-Gauge commands for Mazda BT-50

Announcement: Great news! Last month we had data logger plugged into 2017 Mazda BT-50. After we processed the data there is bunch of new X-Gauge commands for BT-50s available. These include Exhaust Gas Temperature, Engine Oil Temperature, EGR Valve Position, DPF Soot Load … Continue Reading

Set Speed Adjustments on ScanGauge

There are no announcements or exciting news this month but there is one inquiry that is worth it of mentioning. Early this month we have received interesting inquiry from on of our customers that observed different readings from his ScanGauge2 … Continue Reading

NEWS: Subaru Transmission Temperature (CVT) X-Gauge confirmed to be working

Announcement: Early this month we received a request from one of our customers to purchase ScanGauge2 for his 2016 Subaru with the aim to monitor his CVT transmission temperature. We had the codes which could possibly work but we were … Continue Reading

Fuel Economy and Trip Computer function on ScanGauge2

For most of us the main use of our ScanGauge is to monitor the gauges in the real time. The gauges like transmission temperature, water/ coolant temperature, battery voltage, horsepower and so on. Most of us also do know how … Continue Reading

NEWS: Water/ Coolant Temperature (CWT) X-Gauge for 2017 AU Isuzu D-Max confirmed to be working

Announcement: Early last month we received reports from some of our customers that tried to move their ScanGauge2 from older vehicles to their new 2017 Isuzu D-Max that the Water/ Coolant Temperature (CWT) is not reporting / blank value is displayed. … Continue Reading

ScanGauge2 Upgrade Available- The latest firmware is 4.36AU (Australian Version)

Announcement: Great news for the owners of older ScanGauges. If you own an older version Scangauge2, upgrade to latest AU  firmware version (4.36AU) and enjoy the new features. Learn more HERE.

NEWS: Transmission Temperature (ATF) X-Gauge for 2017 AU Toyota LandCruiser confirmed to be working

Based on our customer’s feed back we can now confirm that the X-Gauge codes for Transmission Temperature (ATF) for 2017 AU Toyota LandCruiser is working fine.