The ScanGauge family of products are designed to plug directly into the diagnostics connector or OBD port under the dash. For a full listing of vehicle compatibility, choose the appropriate compatibility list below.

Scangauge-II and Scangauge-E are suitable for all cars and light trucks that use an OBDII compatible protocols.

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AudiA12008 Onwards
AudiA32002 Onwards
AudiA42002 Onwards
AudiA52007 Onwards
AudiA62002 Onwards
AudiA72010 Onwards
AudiA82003 Onwards
AudiTT2002 Onwards
AudiS52002 Onwards
Alfa RomeoSpider JTS2005 Onwards
BMWE81 1 Series2004 Onwards
BMWE46 3 Series2005 Onwards
BMWE90 3 Series2005 Onwards
BMWE39 5 Series2001 Onwards
BMW E60 5 Series2003 Onwards
BMWE63/64 6 Series2003 Onwards
BMWE65 7 Series2002 Onwards
BMWX1 2010 Onwards
BMWX32004 Onwards
BMWX52003 Onwards
BMWX62010 Onwards
BMWZ32002 Onwards
BMWZ42009 Onwards
Chrysler300C2004 Onwards
ChryslerNeon1996 Onwards
ChryslerCruiser2000 Onwards
ChryslerVoyager1996 Onwards
DodgeAvenger2007 Onwards
FordEscape2007 Onwards
FordExplorer1996 Onwards
FordFairlane2005 Onwards
FordFairmont2003 Onwards
FordFairmont BA2003 Onwards
FordFalcon BA Series22003 Onwards
FordFalcon BA XR62005 Onwards
FordFalcon BF XR62005 Onwards
FordFalcon BF XR82005 Onwards
FordFalcon FG XR62008 Onwards
FordFalcon FG XR82008 Onwards
FordFiesta (Petrol)2008 Onwards
FordFiesta (Diesel)2010 Onwards
FordRanger Ute2007 Onwards
FordTaurus1996 Onwards
FordTerritory AWD/2WD2004 Onwards
Great Wall X200 2.0L Diesel2012 Onwards
HoldenAstra2002 Onwards
HoldenBarina2007 Onwards
HoldenCaprice 5.7L2006 Onwards
HoldenCaptiva2007 Onwards
HoldenColorado2008 Onwards
HoldenCrewman2007 Onwards
HoldenJackaroo1999 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VE2006 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VE 6.0L2006 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VE SIDI2009 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VT 5.7L1999 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VX 5.7L2003 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VY 5.7L2003 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VZ2005 Onwards
HoldenCommodore VZ 6.0L2005 Onwards
HoldenCruise2008 Onwards
Holden Rodeo2007 Onwards
HoldenStatesman2006 Onwards
Holden Suburban1998 Onwards
HoldenTigra2005 Onwards
HoldenVectra2001 Onwards
HoldenViva2007 Onwards
HondaAccord2007 Onwards
HondaAccord Euro2007 Onwards
HondaCity2009 Onwards
HondaCivic2007 Onwards
HondaCRV2007 Onwards
HondaCRZ2010 Onwards
Honda Jazz2006 Onwards
HondaOdyssey2006 Onwards
HondaS20002006 Onwards
HyundaiAccent2006 Onwards
HyundaiElantra2006 Onwards
HyundaiGetz2007 Onwards
Hyundaii202007 Onwards
Hyundaii302007 Onwards
Hyundaiix352008 Onwards
Hyundaii452010 Onwards
HyundaiSantaFe 2.4L2012 Onwards
HyundaiSantaFe 3.3L2008 Onwards
HyundaiSonata2009 Onwards
HyundaiTerracan (Diesel)2007 Onwards
HyundaiTerracan (Petrol)2004 Onwards
HyundaiiLoad2008 Onwards
JaguarS Type2002 Onwards
JaguarX Type2002 Onwards
JaguarXF2002 Onwards
JaguarXJ (X350)2004 Onwards
JaguarXJ (X351)2009 Onwards
JeepCherokee1996 Onwards
JeepGrand Cherokee1996 Onwards
JeepWrangler1997 Onwards
KiaCarnival2007 Onwards
KiaCerato2007 Onwards
KiaRio2007 Onwards
KiaSorento2007 Onwards
KiaSportage2007 Onwards
Mazda22006 Onwards
Mazda32006 Onwards
Mazda62007 Onwards
MazdaBT502008 Onwards
MazdaCX72007 Onwards
MazdaCX92007 Onwards
MazdaRX82007 Onwards
MazdaMX52007 Onwards
MercedesA Class2002 Onwards
MercedesB Class2004 Onwards
MercedesC Class2001 Onwards
MercedesE Class2001 Onwards
MercedesML Class2001 Onwards
MercedesS Class2001 Onwards
MercedesSLK2002 Onwards
Mitsubishi3802005 Onwards
MitsubishiASX2010 Onwards
MitsubishiCanter 2008 OnwardsCoolant/ Water Temp Gauge not available
MitsubishiChallenger2007 Onwards
MitsubishiColt2007 Onwards
MitsubishiLancer2006 Onwards
MitsubishiLancer 2.4L2010 Onwards
MitsubishiMagna2005 Onwards
MitsubishiOutlander2008 Onwards
MitsubishiPajero NS/NT Diesel2007 Onwards
MitsubishiPajero2007 Onwards
MitsubishiTriton ML Diesel2008 Onwards
MitsubishiTriton MN Diesel2009 Onwards
Nissan350Z2006 Onwards
Nissan370Z2010 Onwards
NissanDualis2009 Onwards
NissanMaxima2006 Onwards
NissanMicra2007 Onwards
NissanMurano2007 Onwards
NissanNavara D402007 Onwards
NissanNavara D222008 Onwards
NissanPathfinder2007 Onwards
NissanPatrol2007 Onwards
NissanTida2007 Onwards
NissanX-Trail Diesel2009 Onwards
NissanX-Trail Petrol2003 Onwards
Peugeot2062002 Onwards
Peugeot2072006 Onwards
Peugeot3072007 Onwards
Peugeot3082007 Onwards
Peugeot4062003 Onwards
Peugeot4072004 Onwards
Peugeot5082011 Onwards
Peugeot6072003 Onwards
Peugeot30082009 Onwards
Peugeot40072010 Onwards
SubaruForester Petrol2004 Onwards
SubaruForester Diesel2005 Onwards
SubaruImpreza2007 Onwards
SubaruLiberty2007 Onwards
SubaruOutback2007 Onwards
SubaruTribeca2009 Onwards
SubaruOutback H6 3.0L2002 Onwards
SubaruOutback2009 Onwards
SubaruXT2005 Onwards
SubaruWRX STi2007 Onwards
SuzukiAlto2007 Onwards
SuzukiJimny2007 Onwards
SuzukiKizashi2008 Onwards
SuzukiSwift2007 Onwards
SuzukiSX42008 Onwards
SuzukiVitara2007 Onwards
ToyotaAurion2007 Onwards
ToyotaAvalon2005 Onwards
ToyotaCamry2007 Onwards
ToyotaCorolla2004 Onwards
ToyotaEcho2004 Onwards
ToyotaFJ Cruiser 4.0L2011 Onwards
ToyotaHiace2009 Onwards
ToyotaHilux 2.7L2009 Onwards
ToyotaHilux 3.0L (Diesel)2007 Onwards
ToyotaHilux (Petrol)2006 Onwards
ToyotaKluger2007 Onwards
ToyotaLandCruiser 7's Series2008 Onwards
ToyotaPrado2007 Onwards
ToyotaRAV42007 Onwards
ToyotaPrius2007 Onwards
ToyotaTarago2007 Onwards
ToyotaYaris2007 Onwards
Land RoverDefender2012 Onwards
Land RoverDiscovery 21999 Onwards
Land RoverDiscovery 32005 Onwards
Land RoverRange Rover P38 V81994 Onwards
VolvoC302007 Onwards
VolvoC702002 Onwards
VolvoS402005 Onwards
VolvoS602002 Onwards
VolvoS802002 Onwards
VolvoV402003 Onwards
VolvoV502005 Onwards
VolvoV602008 Onwards
VolvoV702002 Onwards
VolvoXC602008 Onwards
VolvoXC702002 Onwards
VolvoXC902003 Onwards
VWAmarok2010 Onwards
VWBeetle2001 Onwards
VWEOS2007 Onwards
VWGolf2005 Onwards
VWGolf GTi Turbo2002 Onwards
VWPolo2001 Onwards
VWTiguan2009 Onwards
VWTouareg2005 Onwards
VWTransporter2006 Onwards
IsuzuDmax2008 Onwards

Scangauge-D and Scangauge-KR are suitable for heavy diesel vehicles and trucks that use a J1939 (9 Pins) & J1708 (6 Pins) compatible protocols.