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Scangauge products come with three years warranty from the date of purchase. We will repair this product with new or rebuilt parts, free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Is Scangauge compatible with my car?

The ScanGauge family of products are designed to plug directly into the diagnostics connector or OBD port under the dash.
Scangauge-II and Scangauge-E cover cars and light trucks that use compatible OBDII protocols. Scangauge-D and Scangauge-KR cover heavy diesel vehicle that use J1939 & J1708 protocols.

See the compatibility list HERE

Can ScanGauge read my vehicle’s transmission temperature?

The transmission temperature is car make, model & year make specific gauge and can be easily added to the 15 build in gauges by entering X-Gauge commands which are published HERE

Currently we have transmission temperature X-Gauge commands available for the following Australian OBD2 compatible vehicles.

-Holden/ Isuzu (Colorado, D-Max, M-UX, Jackaroo)
-Toyota (Landcruiser, Prado, Hilux- 5 speed automatic only, FJ Cruiser, Camry, Aurion)
-Ford (Ranger)
-Mazda (BT-50)
-Mitsubishi (Pajero, Triton, Challenger)
-Subaru (all CVT Subarus)

How do I find the OBD connector to plug the Scangauge?

The OBD2 connector is 16 pins trapezoid shape and it is supposed to be located within 1 meter of the steering column. It is usually under the dash and just to the right or left of the steering column. Sometimes it will have a cover over its face. Other locations are under the dash on the passenger side, under the dash behind the ash tray and in a rare case, under the ash tray in the back seat armrest.

ScanGauge is not turning on- nothing displayed?

Try to wiggle the cables or try another port on ScanGauge (side or back).
Also try your ScanGauge on another OBD2 compatible vehicle to see if you can reproduce the issue.
If the ScanGauge works fine on another vehicle may have a blown fuse. Check and replace any blown vehicle fuses. The OBD2 connector is usually powered off the cigarette lighter/accessory fuse.

Scangauge keeps saying “Connecting”?

First – be sure the key is in the RUN position, and/or start engine and cable is properly connected.
Second – confirm your vehicle meets the minimum OBDII, OBD2 or EOBD compatibility requirements.

If that does not solve the problem, then the ECU may not responding properly. You may need to manually set, or “Force”, the operating MODE of your ScanGauge. Please refer to the USER MANUAL for your ScanGauge for information on how to access the MODE setting screen.

Some gauges are blank?

Some sensors are not used in the vehicle or data is not reported by ECU.
About 10% of vehicles show FPR and 50% show MAP. Some Subarus don’t show intake air temperature. Some Ford diesels don’t show coolant temperature.

Does the Scangauge report metric units?

Yes, the units of measure can be independently selected between Miles/Km, Gallons/Liters, Celcius/Fahrenheit, and PSI/KPA.
If you choose Km and Liters, fuel economy is reported as liters/100Km (LHK). This feature can also be turned off.
If you use Imperial Gallons when you do the calibration, fuel will then be adjusted to use Imperial Gallons.

Unable to read or clear some trouble codes?

Scangauge products can diagnose engine trouble codes only. If trouble codes triggered by sensors from other systems it may not be able to find.
Sometimes multiple attempts are needed to clear the codes. You may also try clearing the codes with the vehicle not running, and the key in the ON/RUN position.
Some vehicles don’t respond properly to the Clear Codes command and the codes cannot be cleared by the ScanGauge.

Can I use Scangauge to save fuel?

If your car reports information on fuel consumption (99% of cars and light trucks do), and you use it to adjust your driving habits, you can save a lot of fuel.

Can I use the Scangauge to know how the car was used last night?

Yes. Various information are stored in the trip computer and can be recalled by you for up to a day after it was used.

Do I have to reset the trip computer for each trip?

No. The CURRENT trip can be reset manually if you desire. It is automatically reset after the ignition has been off for more than a few minutes. The DAY trip will accumulate the entire days trip information and reset itself after the ignition has been off for more than 8 to 9 hours. The DAY information is moved to PREVIOUS before it is automatically reset.

Shuts off when engine turns off in a Hybrid vehicle?

Set the fuel type parameter to HYBRID in the Basic Setup Parameters, ScanGauge will automatically set the Sleep Event parameter to COM.

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